Once you have imported the RCLI virtual appliance, you may want to set a static IP address for the VM. This can be done via the web interface of the appliance or at the console.

To change the IP address via the web interface, access the VM at https://<ip_address:8080/ and login with the network user and the password that you specified when you first started the appliance. Once you have logged in select the Network link. You can uncheck the “Use DHCP” option and set the IP address for the VM. The proxy server settings are used for checking for updates for the RCLI appliance. Click on Apply and the IP configuration will take effect immediately.

To change the IP address at the console you’ll have to edit the files /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolv.conf.

1) Edit the interfaces file by running the command: vi /etc/network/interfaces. Then change

iface eth0 inet dhcp


iface eth0 inet static

2) Edit the resolv.conf file with the command: vi /etc/resolv.conf. Change the contents to be

search <your_domain_name>
nameserver <ip_address_of_your_first_DNS_server>
nameserver <p_address_of_your_second_DNS_server>

3) To apply the changes run the command /etc/init.d/networking restart. You’ll now be able to access the appliance at the static IP address.

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