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 Rocketport driver needs linux/serial.h 
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Post Rocketport driver needs linux/serial.h
I'm trying to port drivers the Rocketport Express, which provides, to ESXi. I've followed trickstarter's excellent instructions (1)(2) to set up my build environment, but I am unable to compile the drivers because they require linux/serial.h and linux/termios.h, neither of which are included in vmkdrivers-gpl.

How do I compile these drivers? Can I copy serial.h and termios.h from somewhere else? Are there more headers available, or will ESXi just not support this device?

Here's the driver download:

Here's my build script (

# Use gcc version 4.1.2-9
# Below is the internal VMWare location.  Please change as required for your
# installed location.

# Use ld from binutils-
# Below is the internal VMWare location.  Please change as required for your
# installed location.

# Use GNU grep 2.=grep
# Use GNU sed 4.=sed
# Use GNU xargs 4.=xargs
# Use mkdir from GNU coreutils=mkdir

# Create output directories
$GREP -v -e "SED" \
| $GREP -o -e "-o [^ ]*\."            \
| $SED -e 's?-o \(.*\)/[^/]*\.?\1?'   \
| $GREP -v -e "\*"                    \

COMPILE="$CC -fwrapv -fno-working-directory -g -ggdb3 -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -Wall -Werror -Wstrict-prototypes -fPIE -falign-functions=4 -falign-jumps=4 -falign-loops=4 -ffreestanding -fno-common -fno-omit-frame-pointer -fno-strength-reduce -march=x86-64 -mcmodel=small -minline-all-stringops -mno-red-zone -nostartfiles -nostdlib --sysroot=/nowhere -Wno-error -Wdeclaration-after-statement -Wno-unused-value -Wno-pointer-sign -Wno-strict-prototypes -Wno-declaration-after-statement -Wno-declaration-after-statement -DCONFIG_COMPAT -DCONFIG_PROC_FS -DCPU=x86-64 -DDEBUG_STUB -DESX3_NETWORKING_NOT_DONE_YET -DGPLED_CODE -DKBUILD_MODNAME=\"rp2\" -DLINUX_MODULE_AUX_HEAP_NAME=vmklnx_rp2 -DLINUX_MODULE_HEAP_INITIAL=1024*100 -DLINUX_MODULE_HEAP_MAX=1024*4096 -DLINUX_MODULE_HEAP_NAME=vmklnx_rp2 -DLINUX_MODULE_SKB_HEAP -DLINUX_MODULE_SKB_HEAP_INITIAL=512*1024 -DLINUX_MODULE_SKB_HEAP_MAX=22*1024*1024 -DLINUX_MODULE_VERSION=\"1.20\" -DMODULE -DNET_DRIVER -DVMKERNEL_MODULE -DVMK_DEVKIT_HAS_API_VMKAPI_BASE -DVMK_DEVKIT_HAS_API_VMKAPI_DEVICE -DVMK_DEVKIT_HAS_API_VMKAPI_ISCSI -DVMK_DEVKIT_HAS_API_VMKAPI_NET -DVMK_DEVKIT_HAS_API_VMKAPI_SCSI -DVMK_DEVKIT_IS_DDK -DVMK_DEVKIT_USES_BINARY_COMPATIBLE_APIS -DVMK_DEVKIT_USES_PUBLIC_APIS -DVMNIX -DVMX86_RELEASE -DVMX86_SERVER -DVMX86_VPROBES -D_LINUX -D__KERNEL__ -D__VMKERNEL_MODULE__ -D__VMKERNEL__ -D__VMKLNX__ -D__VMK_GCC_BUG_ALIGNMENT_PADDING__ -D__VMWARE__ -Ivmkdrivers/src_9/drivers/net/rp2 -IBLD/build/version -IBLD/build/HEADERS/vmkdrivers-vmkernel/vmkernel64/release -Ivmkdrivers/src_9/include -Ivmkdrivers/src_9/include/vmklinux_9 -IBLD/build/HEADERS/CUR-9-vmkdrivers-asm-x64/vmkernel64/release -Ivmkdrivers/src_9/drivers/net -IBLD/build/HEADERS/vmkapi-current-all-public-bincomp/vmkernel64/release -include bora/vmkernel/distribute/push-hidden.h -include vmkdrivers/src_9/include/linux/autoconf.h -c"

$COMPILE -o BLD/build/vmkdriver-rp2-CUR/release/vmkernel64/SUBDIRS/vmkdrivers/src_9/drivers/net/rp2/rocket2.o vmkdrivers/src_9/drivers/net/rp2/rocket2.c
$COMPILE -o BLD/build/vmkdriver-rp2-CUR/release/vmkernel64/SUBDIRS/vmkdrivers/src_9/drivers/net/rp2/unity.o vmkdrivers/src_9/drivers/net/rp2/unity.c
$COMPILE -o BLD/build/vmkdriver-rp2-CUR/release/vmkernel64/SUBDIRS/vmkdrivers/src_9/drivers/net/rp2/setinfinity.o vmkdrivers/src_9/drivers/net/rp2/setinfinity.c

$LD -v -r -o BLD/build/vmkdriver-atlCUR/release/vmkernel64/rp2 --whole-archive \
  BLD/build/vmkdriver-atlCUR/release/vmkernel64/SUBDIRS/vmkdrivers/src_9/drivers/net/rp2/rocket2.o \
  BLD/build/vmkdriver-atlCUR/release/vmkernel64/SUBDIRS/vmkdrivers/src_9/drivers/net/rp2/unity.o \
  BLD/build/vmkdriver-atlCUR/release/vmkernel64/SUBDIRS/vmkdrivers/src_9/drivers/net/rp2/setinfinity.o \

rm -rf BLD/build/vmkdriver-rp2-CUR/

Thanks for any help with this.

Wed May 15, 2013 9:00 pm
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